Self Reparenting Project

The self-reparenting project, a global movement aiming to educate and promote emotional self-reliance – the missing link to our next evolutionary phase.

If you experience one or more of these symptoms you may want to explore this site further:

Fear of Judgment | Fear of Rejection | Fear of Abandonment | Anxiety | Stress | Addictions | Feeling Overwhelmed and Tired | Depression | Poor Performances | Belief in the need for External Leadership and Validation | People ‘Pleaser’ | Self-doubt | Neediness | Self-Focus | Inadequacy | Social Anxiety | Poor Confidence | Lacking an Identity | Feeling a Fraud and a Failure | Being a Child in a World of Adults | Resentment for the Lack of External Leadership and Support | Dependency in Relationships | Loneliness and Solitude | Loss of Spirit-Mind Connection | Panic Attacks | Chronic Anger | Unwarranted Fears |An Inferiority Complex | Antisocial Tendencies | Emotional and Spiritual Numbness | Borderline Personality | Unsuccessful Personal Life and Relationships | Unfulfilled Artistic and Professional Aspirations.