“Our vision is to help create a community of psychologically independent, high performing, and emotionally self-sufficient people. We have researched the mind for over 25 years and identified the unfulfilled needs that restrain millions of people in a cage of dependency, under-performance and fears. We also identified self-reparenting as the key for permanently ending psychological dependency in a very short time. Our mission is to offer this awareness to our communities to help bring humanity to a healthier, more efficient and joyful place.

Together, we can create an interdependent society of people – based on being, instead of trying to be; on choosing, instead of being chosen; on our real identities instead of the ones mirroring external expectations. We can help millions to free their mind from fears and thereby enhance their performances and compassionate intelligence so as to move our communities into the next wave of inventions, accomplishments and, most importantly, harmonious accord.

If you feel that this is a cause that deserves your love, please contribute with what ever you got that may help us to make this project a global reality. Thanks to you, many will walk away from drugs, alcohol and depression, many will engage in fulfilling relationships and responsible parenting, and many more will find happiness and success. “ – The self-reparenting team

Our Team

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