From the body to the spirit in less than a century

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    1. The Physical phase

    For thousand of years the body was king.

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    2. The Mental Phase

    Thanks to consumerism, the mind became the leading force managing the body.

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    3. The Spiritual Phase

    Thanks to ‘self-reparenting’, the spirit takes over the management of the body and mind, finalizing this emotional cycle and opening a new evolutionary phase for the human race.

What is self-reparenting?

Self-reparenting is a natural development stage meant to happen around puberty, which sees us substitute our parents, taking ownership over our mind and body. It’s an act of self-adoption, where we assume a maternal and paternal role over our mind and body, becoming the providers of our vital physical and emotional needs.

If it’s meant to happen, why it doesn’t?

Though this is Nature’s plan, frequently the emotional side of this process fails, because our parents and/or guardians have not achieved emotional independence themselves, so they cannot model and teach these essential life skills to their children. Without good parental models of self-leadership and self-reliance we become either unaware or unable to make the vital self-reparenting step.  This obliges our starving mind to shift the seeking of our emotional needs from our parents to the people around us.

Why self-reparenting is so vital?

Our body and mind are built by nature to be our own life’s equipment. Without our guidance and emotional fulfillment they operate like a confused kid abandoned in a hostile world.

What is emotional fulfillment?

Nature compels parents to provide their children with: 1. Unconditional Love | 2. Protection | 3. Guidance and Validation. Self-reparenting substitutes our parents emotional resources with our own, implementing emotional self-reliance.

Reparenting our wounded child?

No! Proudly reparenting our body and mind as our son or daughter of our actual age, a superb life equipment (our mind and body) that requires our leadership and emotional supply to be emotionally self-reliant.

What changes with emotional self-reliance?

The lack of emotional self-reliance causes in adulthood the symptoms related to the ‘need for others’ as source of 1. Unconditional Love | 2. Protection | 3. Guidance and Validation :

Fear of Judgment | Fear of Rejection | Fear of Abandonment | Anxiety | Stress | Addictions | Feeling Overwhelmed and Tired | Depression | Poor Performances | Belief in the need for External Leadership and Validation | People ‘Pleaser’ | Self-doubt | Neediness | Self-Focus | Inadequacy | Social Anxiety | Poor Confidence | Lacking an Identity | Feeling a Fraud and a Failure | Being a Child in a World of Adults | Resentment for the Lack of External Leadership and Support | Dependency in Relationships | Loneliness and Solitude | Loss of Spirit-Mind Connection | Panic Attacks | Chronic Anger | Unwarranted Fears |An Inferiority Complex | Antisocial Tendencies | Emotional and Spiritual Numbness | Borderline Personality | Unsuccessful Personal Life and Relationships | Unfulfilled Artistic and Professional Aspirations.

As soon the process of self-reparenting is completed and the emotional self-reliance fully embraced, the related symptoms are reduced or cleared. Self-reliance transforms dependency to interdependency, needs to choices, and removes all the mental loops and distress related with the need for others as our essential emotional suppliers. This releases a large amount of brainpower that is re-invested in high-performance, creativity and happiness.

These are not the normal symptoms of being human?

These symptoms are the consequences of the continuation of emotional dependency in adulthood (lack of reparenting), a condition that defines Adult Emotional Dependency (AED). This is a mental disorder that compels emotional dependency from the people around us, causing the symptoms described. In fact AED is the true hidden cause of most anxiety and fear that are choking our society. It consequences are so severe that the annual cost of stress and anxiety in the US alone is estimated to be $300BN in healthcare and lost productivity. AED has remained undetected till today, like ‘the elephant in the room’ it’s so in our face and common that its symptoms are considered the ‘normal’ consequences of modern society and are unfortunately still treated with drugs and symptoms specific therapies. The self-reparenting process removes the root-cause of the condition and the associated symptoms. Read more about Adult Emotional Dependency AED here…

Adult Emotional Dependency is the byproduct of the ‘Mental Phase’?

Adult Emotional Dependency, has been present in our cultures during the ‘Body Phase’ for centuries, however satisfied by external sources of leadership and care, ei. religions, governments, traditions, organizations, the army etc. During the ‘Mental Phase’ we lost most of the external leaderships and this has created the emotional vacuum in our communities that caused the actual mental crises. However, this has the positive effect to build the urgency for entering the ‘Spiritual Phase’.

Who is us?

We are intelligent spirits living a life on Earth. To live this life we own an equipment (our mind and body) and a time to use it (our life span). But we are NOT our mind and body, we are the owner and the driver of our equipment.

Why we live a time on Earth?

To acquire spiritual evolution. This is a process aiming to enhance our understanding and perception through experiences. Our life equipment (mind and body) is purposely built for it. Our complementary purposes are the continuation of the human species and possibly engage in good deeds.

What it means that our life equipment is purposely built for it?

Our minds and bodies are built like a highly sophisticated biological robot, with eyes as cameras, ears as microphones, mouth as speaker, hands as tools, legs as transport system. Our brain acts as the board computer managed by our mind, the software that operates the entire system. The entire system is built to harvest awareness through data generated by experiences.

What is the mind?

The mind is the ‘software’ that promotes and regulates each function and action of our body – from the reproduction and reconstruction of our cells, to digestion and distribution of nourishment, to our voluntary and involuntary movements, to all our behaviors, etc. The mind’s requests are then processed and implemented by the brain in the appropriate areas of the body. This extraordinarily sophisticated operation is occurring 24/7, from the day of our birth to the day of our death, and most of us will never know much about it.

Our mind is perfect, naturally healthy and constantly tries to give us the best possible service. Everything that our mind does, including anxiety, drinking or depression, are the best options that our mind identifies to protect us, or to keep us going. In fact a broken or a wicked mind do not exists; a confused mind might make wrong choices, but always with good intention, thinking that it’s acting in our best interest. As soon our mind discovers and embraces better options, it will substitute the old inefficient choices with healthier and more efficient solutions.

For more please see The Blueprint of the Mind

What is the difference between the mind and the brain?

As stated, the mind is the software responsible for every aspect of our physical, emotional and psychological life. The brain is the hardware that processes and executes the mind’s requests. To use computers as an example, the box with the processor, motherboard, drives and interfaces is our brain; the operating system and all the applications that are installed in it are our mind. If the brain is altered or damaged, the mind’s processes are limited or impeded. This is the reason why we need to protect our brain at all costs, avoiding physical shocks, drugs, alcohol and all sorts of intoxicants that can slow down, confuse or damage our central computer.

What are the self-reparenting steps?